October 23, 2004

Blogging depression

Okay, so maybe I am getting a wee bit depressed every time I visit my blog. I miss everyone. I miss the wonderful traffic, the talks in school after someone has written an outrageous entry, and the fun of jumping through my archives and seeing every day on blog calendar underlined.

I have been stressing over two blogs that I am supposed to write: one on Native American literature and one on the "Devil's Dictionary" that I did for my speech. Please forgive, Dr. Jerz, I am mentioning assigned blogs. While I will post a rather full and analytical blog on each set of writings, I would just like to vent a bit on each of the readings.

The Native American writings are full of question marks around words. Even the transcribers didn't know what the writers were talking about. Each of the writings seems to meander along, referring to creatures that I do not have any way of knowing, for example this one. While I love reading, I get really irritated when my question marks in the margins outweigh the real notes on the subjects.

As for "The Devil's Dictionary", I did a huge entry on it for my speech, however, the requirement is to blog on all the selected readings. I brought out all my best ideas on my blog about the subject, and this entry is looking rather pathetic in comparison.

As for the number of my blogs this year, I find that I am steadily losing momentum. Blogging, as much as I lament it, has taken a back seat to everything else littering my white, dry-erase board in my room.

About the community relationship too. The freshmen and I have been separated by time, and my fellow sophomores are just as busy as I am, discovering that blogging takes a lot from one's schedule (at least quality blogging).

I feel as if I have sapped enough time away from philosophy, so I must go back to reality--the place where this girl is starting to despise.

I am missing you, Girl Meets World, but know that I will return, full-force one of these days. I know you are jealous of The Setonian.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at October 23, 2004 10:07 AM

I know exactly how you feel, Amanda. I too have been neglecting my blog. My writing schedule has been totally derailed by my club involvement, homework, and my insistence on driving home so often. I find that sometimes I blog every day (like two weeks ago) and then only blog one day the following week. It doesn't make any sense! And I've gotten into the terrible habit of starting blogs or blog ideas and saving them as drafts. Then I don't finish them for days later, so they appear out of nowhere on my blog. Not to mention that politics has taken over my blog until sometime after election day...

We face rough times... and I must say that I can't wait for Thanksgiving break so I can blog regularly again.

Posted by: Mike Rubino at October 25, 2004 12:15 AM

Amanda, last year blogs were probably a big part of what helped you establish a social network at SHU. Now that the network's in place, you're spending a lot more time maintaining it through other activities... that's fine. I go through "expansion" phases, where I actively look for new blogs and new stuff to write about, and "maintenence phases", where I don't really try anything new and I don't actively seek out new blog topics, and "survival" phases, where I just pretty much post links to interesting things others say. Your phases may be different... and, of course, the time and energy you put into working on The Setonian takes away from blogging time. That's okay... you don't have to think of blogging as an end in itself.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at October 25, 2004 9:23 AM

I feel the pain of having nothing new to talk about. Besides politics and the election at large...

Posted by: Karissa at October 26, 2004 9:09 AM

Yeah, at lunch I haven't seen you so excited in a long time. Funny how words just spill out. :-D

Posted by: Amanda at October 26, 2004 8:40 PM

i came into your site thru google. i'm severely depressed and i need help. i need a blog that could work like those anorexic help blogs. can u help.

Posted by: san at December 5, 2004 7:54 AM
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