November 18, 2004

Mexico Adventure (Anyone know Spanish?)

What is so odd is that when I should be staying home over Thanksgiving, my head firmly glued to books and my computer screen...I am not. I will be in Arizona--crossing the border into Mexico.

And I have to say that this religious retreat to a mission in Nogales couldn't have come at a better time. I am approaching my scholastic breaking point, and this trip will perhaps separate me from the mountains of work that lie in Greensburg, PA quite literally.

Don't get me wrong, I will be doing work on the plane and will ask the missionary for internet access when I can. A student--a worker--is what I am.

When my mom returned from her trip, I knew I would go the next time.

My mom, Katie, my sister, and I are going with a group of about 10 people from my little church.

The best part of the trip is that I will get to wear shorts, or at least capris again. How I miss summer already.

So about a year after, I am going--with strict instructions to:

  • Take mountains of pictures, one specific of Rainbow Hector that Dr. Jerz is making me take in exchange for a deadline extension. :-D
  • Sugar packets for a friend you all know. We are going through Tucson, Denver, and Mexico, so I will have a hoard of sweetness when I return.

As for what we are doing in Mexico...

  • Wrapping Christmas gifts for the Mexican children in orphanages.
  • Visiting a women's prison.
  • Helping the missionaries at their home in Tucson. They cross the border regularly to the churches in Mexico.

I'm not really sure what else we are doing, but my pastor has assured us that we are going to work. No problem. I am pretty good at that. Just do not ask me to make dinner.

We are leaving Thanksgiving morning. No turkey for me :-( I hope we can get something other than pretzels and grapejuice on the flight.

Anyway, when I get back, I will have that mountain of pics posted here for all to enjoy.

Oh yeah. I don't know any Spanish. :-)

Posted by Amanda Cochran at November 18, 2004 1:19 PM
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