December 22, 2004

From a culinary artiste

I made cream puffs today with my grandma. Don't know what a cream puff is? They are little globs of dough with empty centers that you fill with pudding, ice cream, dog food, whatever. I filled mine with cook and serve chocolate pudding, not the instant stuff (we made it in the microwave, though).

I splattered batter all over the walls with the mixer. With every egg I added, a little more decorated the walls, but not to the point of insta-lick wallpaper, thank God.

Cooking and baking is a patience-building activity. Wait for the little buggers to cool. Wait for the timer to go off. Wait. Wait. Wait. But it wasn't time wasted--we watched Bridget Jones' Diary. I laughed inwardly every time my grandma blushed at the f-word. It's a charming story, and the inclusion of the f-word is just a comedic addition; I hope she understands that... She said she liked it.

After finishing the cooking and baking part (THEY ACTUALLY DID WHAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DO! Rise, that is), I sifted confectioner's sugar onto the little masses of dough, but not really feeling very confectioner-like. It went everywhere, and besides, don't you have to have a degree of some sort to be a confectioner?

In many ways, I think I am reaching new heights of domesticity. But it is nice to have someone proud of me in that department. When a lady from my church called my grandma, one of the first things my grandma mentioned was that I came to make something with the oven involved. If I can't solve world hunger, why not start with pastries...

Sure I can write. I can do the whole school thing, but it is stepping out of that comfort zone of books and computers that is pushing me, as odd as that sounds. New goals, I'm finding, do not exclusively lie in the confines of my academic life, but "out there" giving my time and effort to the happiness of others.

Oh my, have I discovered the Christmas spirit? Perhaps, I have. Heartwarming, isn't it? :-D

Posted by Amanda Cochran at December 22, 2004 5:14 PM


Posted by: grammy at December 22, 2004 7:55 PM

I guess it all depends on what appeals to a person the most.

In all of my life, I've never been able to find anything as relaxing as cooking or baking. The hell with school and work - lemme at that kitchen any day. I'm wondering why I never went to culinary school.

Posted by: Neha at December 25, 2004 1:15 AM

There's still time for that, Neha :)

And Amanda, you're right--no one would've figured that the two of us would be kitchen slaves during one of the most delectible times of the year. Not even me...

Have a nice Christmas, dear :D

Posted by: Karissa at December 25, 2004 10:46 AM
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