January 22, 2005

Firefox creator: "A scrawny [kid]"

With all the talk on my blog about Firefox, imagine my surprise reading this today:

Blake Ross is 19 -- the same age Bill Gates was when he founded Microsoft -- but the surprising success of the free Internet browser Ross helped create doesn't yet have him dreaming about a Gates-sized fortune.

"That's not really my concern right now. I just want to make a good product," Ross said recently from the bedroom of his parents' condo as he the watched the Mozilla Firefox browser quietly chip away at Microsoft Corp.'s stranglehold on Web surfing....

Ross started learning about computer programming at 10, designing Web pages on AOL. That hooked him, and he bought programming books to learn complex languages like C++ on his own.

When he was 14, the precocious teen began fixing bugs in Netscape's Web browser from his home computer. A few months later, Ross told his parents he had a job offer.

"What, at the local store or something?" David Ross remembered thinking when his son told him.

No, at Netscape.

Sheesh. Let's hope he keeps his momentum.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at January 22, 2005 4:31 PM
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