March 24, 2005

Beautiful March Madness

I never did like March very much, but something has changed this year. While I have been crazed with school work, busy with the Setonian, and sleepy from various trips, I have seen these days pass in wonder.

I have to mark this occasion, however. I wrote an eight-page paper on Iraq, created a speech, and studied for a final test in Islam in one day. I am so finished with procrastination.

I've been busy though. You all know about Habitat for Humanity, but as for NYC, I have a few stories...

I arrived a bit late. Um, maybe really late. I got a call at 6:30 a.m. from my pal Diana, wondering where I was--the buses were supposed to leave at 6:00. !!!!!!

After my customary freak out, I realized that I had to stop jabbering oh-my-goshes and get moving. The problem was that I could not reach Greensburg fast enough to get the buses. Oh my. The entire weekend hung in the balance of where I could meet them. Jaimie Steel, amazing activities director at Seton Hill, said that our first stop was in Allentown. Where is Allentown?!! However, I had hope. Where were the buses getting on the turnpike?

Thankfully it was in New Stanton, rather close to where I live. After jetting in my mother's monstrous van (Thanks Daddy for putting your life and mine in jeopardy :-)), I met the buses at the turnpike. I got applause when I stepped on the bus. Not too bad of a reception for the slacker.

My pals thought I was in a car wreck or something because I am ALWAYS punctual. How crazy. That's the last time I set my clock for p.m. instead of a.m. :-D

After about an hour into the drive, the other bus began smoking profusely, and we stopped along the road waiting to see if the bus was a) going to explode into heinous flames or b) tucker out from smoking and just die. The latter proved true. What to do with all of the passengers? Some would stay for a replacement vehicle (filled with drunk people, or so I have been told), and others would go with us onto New York directly. Luck seemed to be on our side when the lottery permitted Chris to join me and the rest of the crew on the non-defective bus. Serendipity (?).

After settling in at the Hotel Edison, we hit the beautiful streets of NY. FYI: I got my wonderful cheesecake from the same deli as last year. Yummy.

We walked everywhere. While we did get a bit lost (we walked the wrong direction for a bit), all was well. What a beautiful city.

On Friday night we got free tickets to the NYC Improv Club. A great show, although it was stand-up comedians, rather than what I think of improv. Nevertheless, I think our group left with sides aching--I know I did.

On Saturday, we walked everywhere again, but this walk took the (cheese)cake--quite literally actually--from our Times Square hotel to Battery Park...and then back again. We walked the entire length of Broadway on the way back. Great exercise. We ate like maniacs that evening. Combos, a hotdog, and an apple (mine) just can't cut it.

Oh, and on the way back from our unfortunate Ellis Island attempt, we passed through Chinatown. Chris and I walked passed a lady and we saw her drop something out of her coat. Much to our surprise, it was a kitchen knife. Even better, she turns around and casually says, "Oh my knife," and picks it up and keeps walking like it is the most natural thing in the entire world to be carrying an unsheathed knife in her pocket. Only in NY...

And now for my mini-gallery. My camera was acting screwy, since a can of ginger ale opened in my bag, but I did salvage some. If you do not like these, oh photography critics, check out the pro's.

The Ellis Island tour boats sold out early, so we took the alternative route my family and I accidentally took last year: the Staten Island Ferry. Not bad at all for a view of the Statue of Liberty, and in this photo, Brooklyn.
There's something about cows, dead (leather) or alive (yay for pretty farms!), that I love.
These dancers were so talented. In this pic, they are doing a midget dance routine.
He's not the only one who can make wallets...
Taking a photo break in Central Park. How lovely.

New York second hometown. Not to impune upon my family's fun honor, but it was SO much more fun this time. Thank you for it. :-)

Posted by Amanda Cochran at March 24, 2005 4:58 PM | TrackBack

Aww thanks for thinking of the Dwellers! Yeah, surprisingly enough the Improv night club chain doesn't usually have improvisation... It's rather misleading. Those night clubs usually think of improv as the poor-man's comedy.

Glad you had a good time!

Posted by: Mike Rubino at March 25, 2005 12:00 PM

Thanks Mike.

When I saw the mike and the spotlight, I was like, "This is stand-up?! Where's a Drew Carey lookalike and the pseudo Whose-Line crew?" :-)

As I said, though, I wasn't disappointed for long. However, it did seem like every comedian had a joke about pot...not the most entertaining thing when half the audience agrees that they have done it or acts like they have to look cool. :-(

Posted by: Amanda at March 25, 2005 7:06 PM

Wow I like the view of the next to bottom picture

Posted by: grammy at March 25, 2005 8:14 PM

I know; it's my favorite.

Posted by: Amanda at March 25, 2005 8:38 PM

Very nice, Amanda. It seems that, despite your rough start to the trip, you had a great time! I'm glad your trips are improving over time. Perhaps next year I'll accompany you... as planned... And your pictures are fine, dear. Don't discount your talents :-)

Posted by: Karissa at March 25, 2005 11:49 PM

The hit on myself wasn't seriously intended, Karissa.

Next year you should definitely come. There is so much to do.

Though this trip would be pretty hard to top, we can always try.

Posted by: Amanda at March 25, 2005 11:57 PM

Glad you enjoyed the trip as much as I did, Amanda. :)

Karissa, you really should go on the trip next year... It would be hard *not* to have a good time in NYC, when you're with friends.

Posted by: ChrisU at March 27, 2005 7:29 PM

Awh, thanks, Chris. Well, taking it from more than just one of my best friends, then, I suppose I'll have to consider it on my agenda next spring semester! Gotta get a group together... ;-)

Posted by: Karissa at March 27, 2005 9:18 PM
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