March 31, 2005

Implementation B: Second look at Galatea

I am beginning to disagree with the labels I have placed upon the characters in Galatea 2.2.

Lentz, for example, the technologically advanced, and hence stereotypical character of numbness, is not that label at all. Upon discovering Richard looking at a photograph of he and his wife, taken by his son, he responds to him rather poetically:

"Lentz I knew could never have posed for such a shot...'And you're still...?' I didn't know what I was asking. 'There is no 'still,' Marcel. 'Still' is for unravished brides of quietness."

Powers is maintaining his touchy-feeling outlook on events, but there is a hardness creeping in (or was it already there?).

In this section, for example, his sentimentality takes center stage, but with a pessimistic air:

Richard Powers:"It could bump up against word lists forever and never have more than a collection of arbitrary, differentiated markers...We take in the world continuously. It presses against us. It burns and freezes."

While he is constantly reminiscing about his love lost C., he is reaching a new level of pessimism with the rejected experimentations through the alphabet. They are now on G.

Continuing work in mixed mediums. I may work on this for my final project. Hm. Something with film.

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