April 1, 2005

G-Mail, a praise rises from the choir

No one needs to worry about filling an e-mail account with G-Mail. Big attachments of photos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, whatever, need not worry your pretty little head.

So far, I am enchanted by G-Mail. When I was invited to G-Mail by Julie Young, I began with 1000 MB of space for files, and they have, just today, increased my account size to 1326 MB.

While I have heard various negative feedback concerning the privacy issues of G-Mail, I haven't had any problems with it so far, and I don't usually say things over e-mail that I would have problems with people reading anyway. But people aren't reading G-Mail. Computer scripts are. The advertising on the righthand side, for example, changes according to your message's content, indicating a computer script, rather than a real person looking at your message.

It is a lopsided tradeoff, as far as I'm concerned: absolute privacy (yeah right--like you get that anywhere on the internet) for a huge account, friendly interface, lossless compression of messages, easy categorization, and conversation storage. For me, the answer is easy, and the rest is disillusioned privacy hype.

By the way, if you want G-Mail, leave a comment with your e-mail listed in the body of the e-mail; I have invitations to spare. It's too good not to share.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at April 1, 2005 9:03 AM | TrackBack

Yeah, I have 50 invitations left, too, so there are plenty to go around.

The one biggest problem I have with Gmail is the login procedure, but that's because I'm used to using an e-mail address that I am logged into automatically each time I go online. The '2-week' automatic thing doesn't seem to work for me.

Posted by: ChrisU at April 1, 2005 10:11 AM

Maybe it's a glitch in your security software. I can understand why it won't let the page remember your info.

Posted by: Amanda at April 1, 2005 3:45 PM
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