June 25, 2005

Where'd that comment go? :-(

I've never seen so many comments vanish into oblivion before. This is happening predominantly on one certain blog.

I have two theories about why comments are vanishing:

1) Comments are full of obscenities and/or spam.

2) The author(s) can't take the heat from the commenting crowd and delete the comments because they don't want to address the other person's valid point.

I can understand the first reason, but the second, well, I don't get. Why would bloggers display a comments option when they have no intention of keeping them on? Is it just a tease?

Why have a blog in the first place? I mean, I've visited blogs where you can't leave messages, but there's a powerlessness about it. I get tired of visiting because there's no dialogue, which is what has marked blogs so famously as a remarkable form of online communication.

While some of the comments on the blog I mentioned do contain some profane language, the author throws it right back at the audience. In this circumstance, that makes the right to delete comments based on profanity nil.

This blogger wants to become a serious writer, right? If I were a publishing exec, I wouldn't hire someone that doesn't let other voices (editors) in on the creative process, which is exactly what blogs demonstrate--an environment of constructive criticism that is not entirely based on flaming.

It's all becoming a joke, a spectacle.

I know I write a lot of "girl" things, but again, I do switch between professional (Pro Girl) and personal (Girl) blogs. I try to give my audience an early indication of what is to be expected in these entries.

I just hope we'll all learn when to quit flinging insults, and ultimately realize, even with the negative feedback, that it's just better to talk to more people than than three personas: me, myself and I.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at June 25, 2005 5:15 PM | TrackBack

It's odd. I don't want to name names or start anything, but I find it sort of interesting... the very person you talk about has named me specifically on his blog, calling me "SHU's Big Brother" (in a reference to Orwell's "1984", not the charity foundation). And yet he has deleted my comments, and the comments of others, on his blog. That sounds like a pretty Brotherly thing to do..

There is a difference between censoring language and stifling dialogue. Then again, when it comes to what I went through with the comments by the football team, I didn't I chose not to block any thing.

Good post, Amanda

Posted by: Mike Rubino at June 25, 2005 9:43 PM

Conversation is where a blog flourishes! As much as we bloggers can (at times) beg for comments, deleting them seems rather backwards. If you can't take criticism or judgement, don't hash it out. And instead of deleting things, try writing the negative points out to reverse them to your benefit. That would be my opposition.

Agreed: nice thought, Amanda.

Posted by: Karissa at June 26, 2005 7:12 PM
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