August 22, 2005

Out and About: In good company

Ever had the feeling you really overdressed for something?


Saturday was beastly hot, and I had work to do. I was Miss Out and About for the evening in Ligonier.

So, in order to fit the role, I got gussied up.

When I arrived, I realized that um, maybe I should have stuck with the jean skirt, flip-flops and flouncy top. The event was picnic fare and lawn chairs, and there I was, melting in one of my best dresses.

However, people knew I was there for -something- so they guessed I must either be a)the entertainment or b)the uninformed media.

Yep, I was b.

In the past, I would have been extremely uncomfortable, but from the experience of this crazy summer, I decided to just go with it. I was there for my job, and I had the opportunity to have a great time. So carpe diem was my slogan.

In fact, when I was asked a couple of times why I was dressed so formally, it actually worked as a great conversation segway.

"Yes, I thought this was going to be some really stuffy get-together, but I'm really happy it's not. The historical society really does a nice job keeping things low-key but still classy, don't you think?"

I even talked with a guy from one of my previous articles about his upcoming projects. I can't believe how great it is to actually begin building a contact base for this area. I -know- people now, and they know me. I don't have to always introduce myself, which is becoming second-nature even in my personal life.

"Hello, great-cousin Beatrice, my name is Amanda Cochran and I'm from the Tribune-Review--I mean, I'm from my mother, Lisa Cochran, um, I mean...never mind. I'm from Mars as far as you're concerned."

I've never been a party mingler before, but for this story I had to go around and get a feel for the entire atmosphere of the evening.

The little column was one of the easiest things I've done this summer. The names, the food, the people attending. Very fun stuff, but definitely not what I want to do for a living, but it was okay for a night.

I even thwarted the weather, jumping into my car just as the first raindrops began to fall.

Though I didn't socialize with any self-proclaimed socialites, I consider myself lucky; I did meet some of the nicest and genuinely caring people in the area.

And by golly, they can make great lemonade.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at August 22, 2005 4:27 PM | TrackBack

Amanda You sure are following in my footsteps for getting in a pickle got a good laugh

Posted by: grammy at August 22, 2005 8:44 PM

I had a great time. I'm learning not to take myself so seriously (at least in certain situations).

And I'm learning to laugh again--really laugh; there's nothing better than that.

Posted by: Amanda at August 22, 2005 9:50 PM
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