October 19, 2005

New York, the third Time(s)

Here's the gallery, folks...

Digesting the readings on the train. Yum, wood pulp.

First impressions of the Manhattan Broadway.

The bathroom was bigger than the bedroom. Maybe I should have slept in the tub.

Things get better when you call home.

Rainbow Hector was afraid of the room so he stayed on the flowery curtain, high above the madness below.

American democracy paired with the American press. I was feeling -very- patriotic under these flags.

Me in front of my dream job office.

Me in front of my dream neighborhood.

I love this cathedral. Anne and I went through the doors, but we didn't want to get searched by the guards, so we just poked our heads in the back door. It's a shame Protestants don't usually have such pretty architectural church designs.

Gosh, take a break man...I thought I had enough on my shoulders!

Drunk was here.

And no it wasn't me. Anne and I were walking past a cafe and these two bottles were just sitting there, spilling out onto the street. I've always seen bottles like the one in a paper bag in movies, but not in real life. I'm so sheltered.

Turn out the lights already. I'm tired!

These are the urine pickles, according to Anne. I took one bite and had to agree that if I had ever tasted urine, this is what it would taste like.

So that wraps up trip three to NYC. What beauties may four through unknown hold? I'm thinking more coffee.

Thank you Seton Hill and the Setonian for this opportunity. It was a wonderful trip, and I hope many more journalism major Setonians get a similar opportunity every year. It's a great experience that really lets you meet a little more of the world.

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I like the pics, especially the pic of the cathedral.

Posted by: ChrisU at October 19, 2005 11:38 PM
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