November 1, 2005

Something about this somewhere

From Forgotten NY: You'd Never Believe You're in NYC:

Sheep and goats in Queens? Waterfalls in The Bronx? Homes on stilts? They can all be found in the five boroughs. This page will point you in the right direction to find scenes you'd think you'd never see in New York City.

This is like Ripley's for my favorite city! I can't wait to go back to New York and find some of these beautiful wrecks and picturesque settings.

Though these pics do highlight the not-so-nice areas of New York, they also offer a glimpse into the heyday of Americana. Case-in-point: Freedomland.

I think I like these broken down buildings and spray painted facades because I see their possibilities. Entrepreurial or simply a hopeless architectural romantic? I'll let you decide.

There's something about somewhere--and New York is that somewhere--every time.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at November 1, 2005 10:23 PM | TrackBack

I have been reading Forgotten NY regularly. It truly is an amazing archive of old NYC wonders. I particularly have enjoyed the articles on the NYC Subways, and the mysterious doors, abandoned stations and other mysteries. Easy to visit for the cost of a subway ride.

Posted by: Paige at November 2, 2005 8:29 PM
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