February 4, 2006

The creative semi-comotose

The words begin to string together on the page. The thoughts fly freely through your mind, almost before you begin dreaming. THAT--that moment--right there. That is when my best ideas form.

I woke up this morning with my best short story idea yet.

Today, I read Wordsworth and feminist author, Ruether, with more insights that I ever had when fully coherent. Could reaching a semi-comotose state so that thoughts can fly free be a part of textbook writers' strategy? I knew that Norton Anthology had something up its sleeve.

The last part is all in jest, but really, falling asleep to a text's subject, even if it is something I am interested in, results in ideas, notes in margins and even the occasional highlight.

This brings me to my next observation. Reading anything makes me tired. Whether sitting up in a chilly library or reading in bed under the feather comforter, the same reaction results: drooping eyes, nodding head and/or drool. No, I'm kidding, but that would be funny, wouldn't it?

When are you most creative? Coffee-infused? Alcohol-induced?

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