August 10, 2006

Consciousness of evil

There are at least four helicopters circling around my town. Since my bed is up against my window panes, the first thing I heard when I opened my eyes was the scary sweep of an aircraft unnaturally close to my head. I really don't know why they are there, but I made some quick and groggy connections.

Oliver Stone's World Trade Center film is coming out today, and after a mad dash to my computer for information on what was happening in the world, I discovered the foiled plot to blow up Britain. America's odd color-code system has been raised to its highest level ever.

I have no idea what the helicopters mean outside my window, but what I did and my train of thought speak of a new consciousness of terror in the United States--that maybe American minds are connected to world political events not only through a gas pump.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at August 10, 2006 9:10 AM | TrackBack

Found out what the helicopters mean:
Wowie. Big news in a small town.

Posted by: Amanda at August 10, 2006 12:42 PM
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