October 18, 2006

History, Strongbad style

When Dr. Jerz said he felt oddly about assigning a cartoon for an upper-level course, I agreed silently, but I was surprised to discover how much I really learned from the oversized head telling the story of the development of videogames.

From the rudimentary games like Frogger to the complex constructions of current popular game play, I was charmed by the delivery of the material. However, as a lover of history, I decided to delve a little deeper and I found this succinct version of gaming into years at GameSpot. It's a little more my speed.

Not an avid gamer, I never knew the chronology of the gaming industry. Perhaps the most interesting element is the complex graphics of the games. That is something Karissa and I are struggling with currently in The Games Factory 2. The graphics somehow go haywire when they are transferred into the Paint-like program in the application.

However, one element of gaming stays the same, whether two or three dimensional--the trials and tribulations of survival. That is what keeps players playing, and I hope I can inspire the same need to survive in the games I create.

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