October 18, 2006

Ready to FLASH!

Through the difficult learning moments of Interactive Fiction and The Games Factory II, I looked forward to Macromedia Flash; it is the "it" program for news organizations who want to really take hold of the online genre and showcase something. That is exactly the kind of journalism I want to do, and if I have the capability to do that, I will be pushed ahead of perhaps other applicants in the job market. So, when we finally got there I was let's say, more than a little excited.

I was even happier when I got what I wanted in the selected book "Flash Journalism: How to Create Multimedia News Packages" by Mindy McAdams. I even wrote an Epinions review on the book. Check it out.

The introduction is great. It even separates what one should do for the purposes of professionals, beginners and business people. I loved it. Though I am on the same track as outlined in the class. I am definitely going to find the introduction helpful as a reference when I am stuck on a particular subject in Flash. That is, if I can't find something. The book is very user-friendly. Written as a How-To, it places everything in lessons, yes, but in a step-by-step manner that is not necessarily specific to the project in which one is working.

In class, I created my first Flash scene: a mouth devouring a dark chocolate candy bar. Hey, I wasn't thinking MSNBC yet. I want to really do some good work in this program, and with this how-to text, which really seems like it will walk me through the process a bit better than the other programs I've encountered, I'm ready to really dig in.

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