October 18, 2006

Catalog of creation

When I began this semester, I wasn't enthused about the idea of learning about games. However, as time goes on, and I look over all the things we have covered in "New Media Projects," I see where I have softened my views on some of the material I was so prejudiced against. I don't think I will ever be a gamer, but I think I have the introductory skills to keep learning it. I think I show potential for the projects we are about to begin now that we have laid the groundwork.

I am not necessarily overjoyed at the work I have been doing in this class, particularly in the projects, but I am doing my best with what I have in the new media field. Just as web design came together, I have faith that these programs will click together in time. I hope I look back on what is below and realize that the trials are a great part of the process that is worth just as much as the end result.

Covering my bases:

    Koster 1: In this entry, I discuss the methods of gaming and its particular influence on women. I was surprised to learn that gaming's purpose, in Koster's view is to become boring, rather than fun.

    Koster 2: This entry tackles the topic of videogames and violence. It also assesses the videogaming as a legitimate genre to study and master.

    Strongbad E-mail: I respond to the general -and entertaining- history of gaming provided by Strongbad, but also attempt to discover more.

    IF, Jerz Exposition & Adventure Dwarf: Gaming becomes difficult again. I do not get along with IF, particularly due to the vocabulary, which accompanies the territory. In this entry, I discuss that frustration and the various levels of imagination one has to call up in order to remain interested in play.

    In this entry, I also analyze the style of the game Stephan and I created "Kicking Back at Recess" in comparison to some of the standards set by Dr. Jerz's study.

    Game Choice: "Winter Wonderland":In this entry, I discuss playing "Winter Wonderland." Though the game was not created to be played in the time allotted (much more is needed), the play was fun for me because it acted like a book, and I actually felt as if I was getting somewhere.

    Amazing Games in Minutes 1: I responded favorably to this book because it outlined how the game was going to be put together. I was enchanted.

    Amazing Games in Minutes 5, 6 & 11: The book eventually took me for a loop, and I grew disenchanted with its process orientation toward its games, and not my own. Answers to my questions are embedded deep into other projects that I must seek out in order to create an original work.

    Flash Journalism Intro and Part 1: In this entry, I discuss the importance of a comprehensive manual, and how I look forward to working with McAdams' book. I liked the book so much that I wrote a favorable review on Epinions for it.

    Big Picture Case Study: This densely-linked blog is in reaction to one of the forerunners in Flash implementation on the web.

A deeper study:

    Koster 2: This entry tackles the topic of videogames and violence. It also assesses the videogaming as a legitimate genre to study and master. I quoted from various passages in the book, and called upon my previous knowledge of the genre to form my opinons.

    Big Picture Case Study: This entry searches through the archiving mess of the internet and assesses the uses of various Flash presentations/games to improve upon "traditional" journalism on the internet.

Case Study:

    Big Picture Case Study: This blog discusses the various methods of MSNBC in using Flash as a tool for news coverage.

Interaction: Discussions, Xenoblogging and Timeliness:
Since the descriptions of all of these areas sound very familiar, I am bringing them together under one umbrella in this portfolio. The labels and blurbs about each topic will guide the reader through which element of interaction I address.

Discussion & Xenoblogging:

    Trying to keep the discussion going here about the feminine aesthetics in gaming.

    Comment Primo: I discussed level enhancement with Mike Rubino on this blog. I asked him various questions about his game and asked him questions about the game Karissa and I are currently putting together.

    Comment Informative: Cindy Boland, director of campus ministry at Seton Hill spoke to our "Senior Seminar" course about Catholic Social Teaching. We deconstructed the mission statement of the organization backing Greensburg's Unity Rally, and found that several of the phrases in the statement directly address one, or in many cases, more of the elements of CST. In Stormy's entry, I wanted to clarify this point--that if one takes on one element of life in their game, several aspects of CST may be addressed.


    In this blog entry on Flash, Chris and I discussed various ideas on creating a project based on Catholic Social Teaching for the upcoming project.


Development on Project 1:
In this entry, I discuss what I would like to do in the first project of the course. It is a game, based on a person who must survive, a la Oregon Trail, on minimum wage.

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