November 18, 2006

Piecing together the projects

It's time to bring everything together once again, to reflect, to ruminate, to revel--to enjoy alliteration in excess. Or rather, to talk about progress...The long road has not ended yet, but here's another leg of the New Media Projects journey.

Project 1: Catholic Social Teaching Envisioned

  • This was my first proposal for taking on the concept of Catholic Social Teaching. Though I'd originally envisioned a game, Flash eventually took me down the journalism route instead.

  • This entry discusses my new direction for my presentation in its infancy. It eventally became a larger project than I'd initially planned, but that is the beauty of Flash.

  • In this exploratory entry, I discuss the limitations of interactivity that I'd faced in creating my first project in the class. I'd discovered that it the nature of my project did not lend itself to a movie-like experience or strictly a game, but rather, as I later found, a game and informative experience.

  • After dealing with the form of my Flash presentation, I dealt with the question of sound in my Flash document. I did not want to increase file size incredibly, but I wanted to have some sound. I eventually made the buttons make a clicking noise and I am looking for a choral sound for the first scene, but all is remedied here.

Project 2: CST making an impression

  • For the second half of the semester, I decided to expand upon my first project on Catholic Social Teaching. In addition to learning Flash, I also was learning about the concept of my project. I just let the content do the talking. What was goig to be just "part" of my presentation: interactivity, turned out to be one of the driving factors behind it. I decided to make a game element to the general informational aspect of the game. Essentially my presentation has two threads: the informative and the game.

  • This was my call for help. I figured out the problem by creating two buttons: one for the movie clip for it to blink, and one for the invisibility. The invisible aspect was essential, so I wasn't wasting my time. However, I did learn from that experience not to get caught up on one thing, but to look for assistance online, rather than spend hours trying to do it by searching in the program.

  • My project 1 is now online. Part of the reason for the glitches I experience is because of the switch between Flash MX and the version we have in our class. The files can convert to the newer version, but the newer version cannot go back into the older version I have at home. The older version has been more user-friendly to me, particularly with the normal and expert mode options that are not avaible in the newer Flash. However, when I was ready to upload the file onto Moveable Type, the html file didn't show until I tried to upload it in the Moveable Type interface. Heartstopping, yes, insurmountable, no.

  • In addition to creating an interactive presentation aspect to my scenes, I also wanted to create an interactive chart about Catholic Social Teaching. Though I am still developing the ideas, the chart looks fabulous in the same brown, buttercream and white colors that appear in the final scene of my presentation. It is, as of now, the final link in the "discerning reader's" search in the game.

Making the connection: Blogging for the Common Good a.k.a Xenoblogging

  • Comment Primo: In this blog, I questioned Mike Rubino on the target audience of his game.

  • Comment grande: In this blog by Mike Rubino, I commented about my experience of playing his game.

  • Comment informative: In response to Evan's frustration with Moveable Type, I offered my two cents which will hopefully help him in dealing with Flash documents online. I referenced the Flash Journalism book and tried to offer some guidance on the two versions of Flash.

  • Link gracious: In addition to my own take on Evan's problem concerning uploading a Flash document to Moveable Type, I also suggested that he take Stephan's advice and just search for a tutorial on the subject. Stephan seems to believe in the tutorials, so maybe it is a better route, that even I will take when I hit a brick wall o' Flash.


  • This is a blog on blogging and life. It is a reflection of my blogging past at SHU and where I'm headed.

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