December 6, 2006

A Final Blog Portfolio: EL405

I am satisfied to see a happy end to a rocky beginning in New Media Projects. I found what I liked and I stuck with it, and I finally found a gaming product that I could live with while working in Hammer. This is my last collection of blog entries for this class--and forever at Seton Hill University. (sigh) Enjoy~~


  • Another update on the state of my Project 2 of Flash indictes that I finally got the buttons working the way I wanted to, but I shared my dilemma about the score of the game I was creating not working.

  • In this draft of my Project 2, I added the element of the Catholic Social Teaching chart and the functional buttons--the best I could offer at the time--for my portfolio review by the English faculty.

  • For two days we were architectural designers with Hammer. This entry is offers my view of the program's interface in contrast to others we've tried in New Media Projects. I also talk about the fun of zombie passive resistance.

Commenting up a storm

  • I was the first on the scene to talk about Hammer on Karissa's blog. I commented on our disabled player who just stood there while he got his arse kicked by an alien encrusted zombie.

  • On Mike Rubino's entry discussing Hammer, I agreed that the interface was friendlier, and also said an instrumental part of the interface is knowing what should be in a dropdown and what should be a button and what should be a different mode.

  • Stormy's comment about Sims really intrigued me. I've always wanted to try architectural design, and Sims seems very mainstream and inexpensive. I returned to her blog to ask Stormy to bring a copy of Sims so I could try it myself. I think that this is a kind of gaming I could get interested in.


  • "A Soldier's Memory" is a poem I wrote after reading the newspaper's statistics of soldiers who died in Iraq since the start of the war. I just started thinking about the effect on the people next door, down the street...

**May be updated by due date.

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