January 4, 2007

A writing pick-me-up

I have a way of thinking the worst about myself; I think many writers do. Yesterday, I called the Tribune-Review to pick up some freelancing work. My message to the editor sounded like a robot on three shots of expresso.

I wish I would have started this book by Jack Hart before then. I picked up "A Writer's Coach" at the library about a week ago, and finally cracked it last night. Hart's background is what got me reading in the first place. A long-time editor for The Oregonian and an ex-college professor, he pairs his knowledge of theory with practice in an interesting blend of writing advice that speaks particularly to the journalistic craft.

In one section, I found the idea of writing a theme at the top of the Word document especially helpful. It is like writing a thesis, but it is never seen by the public. The public doesn't want to see a thesis; they want a story. He adds that the thesis can be altered, too, when more information proves it wrong. I would get stuck in the past sometimes when my theme or preconceived notion was proved wrong. I didn't know or think that I could change my direction and still have a viable story. Hart says you can, and should, and not make a big deal about it. Liberating stuff. I can't wait to start writing again with his advice fresh in my head.

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