February 11, 2007

Sounding off

The pastor paused for dramatic emphasis after telling a sad story he'd heard in the news. The world was depraved. We knew it, but he wanted the congregation to let it sink into their groggy Sunday heads.

And then we heard it. The pause was tentative, just long enough for that sound to permeate the entire crowd.


Who did it? We all knew the general vacinity and swiveled our heads accordingly. Maybe it was the elderly lady in the fifth row from the back. Maybe one of the young guys in the back. Maybe we'll never know.

Nevertheless, it was the most memorable part of the sermon--and for that matter--church. You hate to say that, but it was true.

I will admit, I couldn't stop laughing. It felt like heresy. The entire congregation seemed to shake the pews with their witheld laughter. Red faces, tears streaming down faces.

Then, once again, slowly, and with many reprisals of laughter, we turned to the sermon on self-control.

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I am still laughing...

Posted by: Amy at February 11, 2007 10:47 PM
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