March 17, 2007

A blog is a blog is a blog--I'll never leave you

Three worlds will collide next week in one familiar, yet alien place: New York City. My past, present and future...dun dun DUN!

I will travel to the Conference on College Composition and Communication with Karissa and Mike and Dr. Jerz (I don't think I'll ever call him Dennis).

This moment, I am preparing for our panel on next Friday.

My leg of the panel is "Blog Desertion: Questions of Prestige, Privacy and Personal Growth." I'm currently finishing up my interviews and piecing it all together. (Thank you, Karissa, for all of your helpful links!)

I think my favorite part of this project has been interviewing my blogging peers/friends about their blogs. Their reasons for blog abandonment are diverse and surprising. I'm surprised I haven't left my blog behind for many of their viable reasons... :-) In fact, the entire interviewing process has made me think about why I have kept a blog so long and why I do not intend to leave it any time soon. So here are my reasons why I have not left my blog behind:

1. Wherever I go, I will always have a tie to family and friends through the umbilical nature of a blog.
2. If I can't stand Ann Coulter in an interview, I can always rant.
3. My links are here. There's only so many websites Firefox's tabs can hold and I need more of them.
4. Though I've graduated and sometimes feel like an oldie around here, my Seton Hill blog is where I started blogging. I'm really starting to dig the wave of my archive listings on the left side of my blog. I don't want to give up blogging. I like writing for an audience, even when I'm not paid for it.
5. When people don't want to hear anymore about my squirrel fixation or I can't tell a story in person, I can always write about them, and I imagine people chuckle, but that's just in my imagination.
6. Blogging has been called a fad. Call it stubbornness, but I want to be there when the fad comes back around. I can say that I kept mine for 20 years while all the newbies are grasping for ideas. I'll be like, "Yeah, squirrel blog. Pshaw. I have 102 of them. Beat that! Yeah. Didn't think so."
7. I have weathered three newspaper jobs, college and a lot of teen angst on my blog. I didn't offend anyone so much that they want to kill me--at least as far as I know. My blog has been my edited story, and though boring at times, I have had some really exciting moments documented here. My first Seton Hill friend. A bat experience. Going crazy. My first time in jail (in Dublin--it was a tour--I'm not a convicted felon--see how things get misinterpreted on blogs?).

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