April 7, 2007

Yellow wonder, the NYC cab

While in New York recently, I tried to hail a cab for the first time. It didn't work out very well because it was rush hour and I didn't understand the whole cabbie light on/off thing that was going on.

Instead, I went to a hotel and a kind man with a whistle and a voice that put Ella Fitzgerald to shame, hailed one for me. However, I know that this will not always be the case. I will have to hail my own cabs, pay for them, and somehow deal with the possibility that I may die in one of these yellow cages.

Thanks to Gothamist, my New York savior, I am now cab savvy. Their link to the New York City government cab page is just what this newbie ordered.

Did you know the maximum number of passengers allowed in a cab is 5? And that a cab driver must know the "lay of the land" to every destination given by a passenger?

Maybe now I'll move onto the NYC subway system...or not.

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