May 4, 2007

A ranking of gadgetry

From a conversation with a friend about modern conveniences, I put this little rank together. At the extended link of this entry, you will see how you fare based on your top choices (in light of my pseudo-psychological tomfoolery) and view my answers. :-)

Rank the gadgets below based on your use, need and want of the item in your everyday life.
(ex. 1=most important to 7=least important)

a) Microwave
b) Computer
c) Cell Phone (camera use not included)
d) Camera
e) iPod (or some other comparable music device)
f) Hair dryer/Straightener
g) Palm pilot

If your top choice is...

Microwave: Try to slow down someday. "Slow roast" isn't only a label given to the media's coverage of Rosie O'Donnell's behavior, it's a real cooking term that you just might enjoy if you tried picking up a skillet or pot of some sort.

Computer: Try a laptop and move it into a sunny locale like your front porch. Don't worry, you will still be blessed by yours (or someone else's) wireless connection. Computers are fabulous gadgetry, but just remember that there are real people out there, not just "sort-of real" people that "say" "LOL" all the time and make videos that they post indescriminately on YouTube.

Cell Phone: Landline only rhymes with landmine in your book. You've never heard of it, or if you did, you choose to forget the time when talking was connected by wires. You are an empowered being, proud that you have your own off-beat texting language you share with your closest "FIVE" friends know. LOL! I mean, 5+6+5.

iPod: If earbuds are your only friends, try disconnecting once in a while. Music is your life; that is, except when you put newscasts/podcasts/simultaneous webcasts/iCasts/iUniversity casts on your lil' Vernon (you've named it, of course).

Hair dryer/Straightener: Life is SHEAR GENIUS. And you need to get your roots done. Hellllo?

Palm Pilot: You still have a GigaPet and it secretly lives in your desk drawer with your palm pilot named Filbert. I take pity on you. I'd help you if I could, but I can't. I'm sorry.

My ranking:

1. Computer
2. Microwave
3. Camera
4. Hair dryer/Straightener
5. Camera
6. iPod (not applicable yet)
7. Palm pilot (will never be applicable--I like paper planners.)

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