July 25, 2007

When in doubt, pack it.

When in doubt, pack it. I have lived by this motto, and it hasn't let me down. However, with the prospect of moving into a considerably smaller place, I find that I'm going to have to say no to my motto, and learn to think differently about the plethora of stuff I've acquired.

Since I lived at home throughout my years at Seton Hill, I did not master the fine art of dorm packing. I have always had enough storage space: a large closet, two bureaus, a large bookcase and cedar chest. Decorative items and books abound. Everything is where I need it when I need it. In just a few weeks, however, if I need something I've forgotten, it'll be exactly 331.1 miles away. Paranoia sets in: Should I bring just a few more pens? What if all the ink runs out of all my pens at the same time? I would have to miss my class and get more pens! Then I would fail and have to go home, my head hung down in shame. I think I'm thinking about this too much.

This isn't trip packing, I have to remind myself. Instead of packing for certain activities, I have to pack for every situation one can imagine. Will I go rock climbing? What about dancing at a formal dinner? I've experienced a variety of situations in my reporting experience, some of which have included rock climbing and dancing, so I'm not thinking completely unrealistically.

I have a wonderful list, filled with over 100 items that I probably will need, including super practical, yet almost forgotten items like light bulbs and duct tape, screwdrivers and nails. I've also considered the seasons. I may not come home for Thanksgiving because of the short vacation and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, so I will have to have a wide variety of clothes for layering and my trusty electric blanket.

And then there's an added packing element that I have not mentioned yet: New York living costs. I've stockpiled this summer on non-perishable items because nearly everything costs double in Manhattan in comparison to my hometown. This means that, while my room may look like a stuffed sausage at the start of the semester, I will not have to drop cash on daily living items that can seriously deplete the wallet. A little bit of planning has gone a long way.

The actual event of packing is more difficult than I would have imagined, too. I need boxes. I'm trying to keep everything for each "room": kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc., in their respective boxes. It's going all right, but I get overwhelmed every now and then by the magnitude of moving, not only the stuff, but a life--my life.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at July 25, 2007 10:43 AM | TrackBack

Just a suggestion, but I think you should contact res. life at NYU and ask for a list of their policies for housing. I would hate if you packed your electric blanket only to have to mail it home, having wasted precious cargo space on your voyage. I just know from living in the dorms (and especially having been an RA) that folks frequently bring things they can't have and get upset when they're told they can't have 'em--things like electric blankets, microwaves, candles, irons...

Posted by: Karissa at July 28, 2007 8:16 AM

I've checked the housing site and they have a list of things you can and can't have, so I'm packing accordingly. Thanks for looking out for me.

Posted by: Amanda at July 28, 2007 11:48 AM

Always, dear. Wish I could help more, though.

Posted by: Karissa at July 28, 2007 4:38 PM

hey amanda, good luck moving! when's the moving going to happen?
Is your dorm furnished with appliances already like tables and couch or do you have to start from zero?
wow you're super prepared... all I'm thinking about when I moved are clothes (work/fun/athletic etc.)... I"m going to bring my laptop, some cool keepsakes, a book, a digital frame, a nice bag, several shoes, toiletries, ... it's been resolved that I'll be buying some of my bedding stuff and pillows in UT, I can't carry too much on a plane... so are you going to drive to NY with all your stuff... oh if you're looking for inexpensive stuff in NY, try shopping/looking around Chinatown (of course always use discretion)... talk to you a bit, good luck!

Posted by: mike d. at July 29, 2007 11:41 AM
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