September 9, 2007

Grapes and New York

Grapes beckoned me to the fruit stand, finally. Instead of rushing it, as so many New Yorkers do, I rounded the corner--my corner--and found my money, so not to inconvenience the vendor. (I seem to anticipate anger here, but rarely find it.) But the grapes were round and shiny, surely sweet. I'd seen him other days on that very same corner with a spray bottle, preening them for other refrigerators and fruit bowls across town.

It was my turn, despite my silly reservations about fruit stands.

He greeted me with a smile. I eyed the grapes for a moment and he weighed a pound out with nimble fingers, frolicking for the perfect amount. It was a difficult task, too. The engorged grapes seemed to burst with weight, always too much for the needed pound.

Then he found it, bagged the fruit, and with more grace than Grace Kelly stepping out of a car, presented it to me with two hands and a smile.

This is when I love New York.

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