October 2, 2007

An Avid fan

Perseverance is a word I don't use often. It's one of those words that fits handily in goals statements and reports, but doesn't actually find a place in everyday life. Until yesterday, I hadn't thought of that word as a way of life, but I do now.

I chanted perseverance. I nearly cried perseverance. I taped and edited and saved perseverance. Yesterday was one of the longest and most challenging days of my academic life.

For a sixth grader, that's probably not saying much, but after four years on a college newspaper staff (I'm not going to say more), and those weird Macs that we didn't have administrative privileges of, I think that's saying something.

Before yesterday, I had very minimal editing experience. I used editing software for a while in a media productions course in my undergrad experience, but we used very limited packages like Windows Movie Maker.

Today, I am using the most advanced news editing software out there: Avid. This program is Windows and Mac compatible, but we're using Windows right now, and to say the least, the top-of-the-line Dells can't handle this much media running around on its servers and drives. I wanted to scream, just waiting for the program to load.

I will not go into details about the day, because it's just not worth revisiting, but there's something to be learned from hitting the wall at every turn. You learn. You learn by trying everything and asking questions and being the tech guy's pain-in-the-arse. You learn what not to do and what to do if you face issues again, and you learn to have compassion for others who face the same circumstances. You learn to take time out for others.

Avid is difficult and a little bit crazy and has given me a paranoia that rivals the one with Quark (that I developed during my college newspaper experience). But it's a powerful tool, and one that I'm ready to have another go at mastering. I can't wait for this to all suddenly streamline. It's going to happen; I can feel it.

I can write, but this is what I came to NYU to do. Diversify, be challenged, face my fears. I'm doing it every day, on the streets and in front of the computer.

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