November 20, 2007

Home for the holiday

So weird to be packing to go home.

Funny thing, though. Two articles, a documentary and an ethics paper due the week I return. Feeling the end of the semester burn.

I can have turkey comatose one day, but the rest is work, work work...and see my wonderful family and, thank God--drive.

This is my first train trip alone. My ticket is tucked in my bag and I'm on the rails tomorrow. What joy is mine!

Posted by Amanda Cochran at November 20, 2007 10:58 AM | TrackBack

Hey don't forget about the part where I whisk you away from your work and we hang out and chat like old times... because I know you need it and I know I need it, too. :)

Have a safe trip, dearest. Can't wait to see you.

Posted by: Karissa at November 20, 2007 3:11 PM

Hm, your blog is missing quelque chose. Where did that blue and green block-line go? Not that I'm bothered, but I just noticed.

Posted by: Karissa at November 20, 2007 3:14 PM

SEE YOU SOOOOOOOOOON!!! I can't wait!! Have a relaxing train ride! Love you!

Posted by: your favorite cousin at November 20, 2007 11:32 PM
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