March 3, 2008

Pick your Dem. candidate: Mac or PC

I've been hearing a lot about style as a deciding factor for the upcoming elections, but nothing has caught my attention like this article in the Times about Obama as Mac and PC (pardon the pun) Clinton.

And I think the conclusions drawn about Obama's Mac style mimic what voters are thinking about him--he's cool to the core and easy for some to agree with, but questions about whether he is "enough" still remain about him:

While Mr. Santa Maria praised for having “this welcoming quality,” he added that it was “ethereal, vaporous and someone could construe it as nebulous.” He said there was a bit of the “Lifetime channel effect, you know, vasoline on the lens” to create a softer effect on the viewer.

But even more interesting about this article, is how easily we're applying computer branding to people who may be running the country. In some small way, the story is pitting the Mac people and the PC people against each other. Macs -- in many circles -- are considered "cool" and PCs rather square. So what if you're an avid Mac lover and hate Obama? Does that make you an awful Mac person? Or if you love Macs and Hillary Clinton--what happens then? Is there a Times-imposed contradiction settling in?

Amazing. And I guess my next question is: What would McCain be?

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