April 11, 2008

Opening a Pandora

A canyon yawned ahead. Radioblogclub.com was down. They promised to come back soon, but two months, three days and I suppose 15 hours and 45 minutes and 6 seconds later, they were still showing the same lame message about making music more "equitable" to the creators.

So no more free music on my computer. What to do?

Well, I discovered iTunes radio. But I wanted more variety without changing radio stations constantly and waiting for them to "buffer".

I'd given up the struggle until last week when a friend of mine's friend (who is now my friend), mentioned Pandora Radio. I could be grossly behind on not knowing about this site, but I thought I'd share it with you.

You can listen for a while, but eventually you have to create a free account. Then, you just type in a song or artist and work that is "typical" of the artist or the sound comes up. You can't get the exact song you want, because it works by the sound of the work, not by the name. Then you get to specify what you like by a thumbs up and thumbs down and the program gauges what you like based on those choices. You can even get the program's rationale behind the decision to play a certain song. For example, I'm listening to The Dave Matthews Band and their reasoning for the choice is "Based on what you've told us so far, we're playing this track because it features mellow rock instrumentation, folk influences, mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation, a vocal-centric aesthetic and major key tonality."

Pretty cool, eh? I didn't know I was so emo. :-)

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