April 27, 2008

Can the thought occur?

Marshall McLuhan's media theories are buzzing around my head these days. One of my last assignments of my first year at NYU is to rethink the online journalism medium and present it to my Media: Past, Present and Future class.

My professor, Mitch Stephens, urges us to be as progressive as possible. This is really fun, but when it comes to doing it with the available technology, I'm having some issues.

I want to integrate video from my recent news stories and Dreamweaver offers little more than Flash additions. I can export my files as Quicktime formats, but it means an extra step and asking for IT assistance to turning them into Flash files.

My idea is to include the entire news piece -- not just my packaged news. The reasoning is that the audience is capable of digesting much more than we think possible. "They" can understand the news by searching through our collected material, rather than us always putting everything together for them.

I've never been your "average" news consumer. I read the news every day, but I read with different eyes. I think that's why it's so important to get other people's opinions on what they like and dislike about news. Often, it is the prepackaged an inauthentic way that the news is distributed. I have to agree.

Therefore, in my proposed mock-up of my site, I will include all kinds of "b-roll" footage, in addition to the entire, uncut interview for the audience to watch if they want to see the pieces I cut for my news piece in their original context.

I have a lot of ideas, it seems, but putting them into practice by Tuesday is going to be quite a challenge.

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