June 8, 2008

Alert: Amanda meets le tennis

It's a pretty big deal when The New York Times sends out a News Alert. I'm usually shocked by their stories (especially when it concerns cranes), but I wasn't today.

I watched a sad history happen.

Tennis champion Roger Federer was soundly defeated at the French Open today. (And now you're scratching your head. Why was Amanda watching tennis? I'll get to that.)

I have never seen such a spectacle. One man flying around the court like he's on crack and the other trying to keep up with simply Starbucks on his side.

As widely anticipated, the crack-induced-like performance by Rafael "Rafa" Nadal won the day, and Federer lost another chance to have at least one win in all the major tournaments, which is also known as a "career grand slam."

It was something to see, even for me. I'm not a sports fan in general. I only watch swimming and diving at the Olympics every four years, and ice skating when nothing else is on my television that only gets six channels.

But tennis is turning into a new favorite, and I have a kind of guide. Rich Zwelling, a good friend of mine, has been pointing out the ins and outs of the game, including the screwy scoring that I haven't completely figured out yet.

Tennis isn't bad to watch, actually. It's like a game of Pong that pits a beautiful Spaniard against a metrosexual who speaks four languages fluently. Okay, so it's really not like Pong...except for the ball, net and excitement.

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I like the links in this article. ;) Have a great trip to Mississippi! :D

Posted by: Amy at June 8, 2008 10:20 PM
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