August 1, 2008

Opening anthrax again

The first article I ever wrote about in my high school paper was the effect of the anthrax attacks locally. I don't remember what I wrote, but it was mostly fearful responses from my fellow students, still shocked from the plane smeared across a too-close Pennsylvania field.

Some stories stay with you as a journalist. This one, especially, because it was my first, and because I remember the fear I felt -- very consciously -- about doing the very thing that could potentially get me killed someday.

Anthrax has popped up in the news since 2001, but never more so than today. A Ft. Detrick scientist reportedly took his own life after learning of his almost certain arrest as the prime suspect in the attacks.

I've read the news stories, but nothing struck me like Glenn Greenwald's take on the anthrax attacks, with his play-by-play coverage of the media's coverage over the past seven years, particularly ABC News. This piece of journalism is a fascinating semi-expose of bloggerific proportions. And the best part is, it sounds more like fact than conspiracy theory.

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