November 13, 2008

Fake NY Times snagged

I read about the fake NY Times distributed throughout the city yesterday on The Gothamist, but I hadn't seen any in the flesh (or print, as it is). That changed, however, when I was walking home and saw a headline I think we all want to see: "Iraq War Ends".

Although the copy was a bit windswept, I picked it up and checked out the weather report for July 4, 2009:

Today: clouds part, more sunshine, recent gloom passes. Tonight: Strong leftward winds. Tomorrow: a new day

While I know the agenda and am aware of my journalistic obligations, I smiled at this Onion-esque newspaper.

I haven't read much more than that, but I want to really study this interesting piece of New York faux media. Apparently, there's more to the newspaper's origins reported today.

The future, by their estimation, is bright. I'm waiting for "the other side's" response.

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