January 12, 2009


Gene Robinson is a subject in my documentary -- and he's now Obama's pick to offer prayer at the inauguration. Not bad. Not bad. :-D

Picking Gene Robinson was a great decision on the part of Obama. In a country that needs to deal with a lot of differences, he picks the man at the center of a rift who calls people to join together and not agree, but discuss and form a dialogue about the problems that are facing this world.

This choice is not to slap Rick Warren in the face as some have related, rather his invitation is more about the United States and its history with the Episcopal faith, and with the particular choice of Bishop Gene Robinson, to the ongoing challenge of bridging the secular and the religious.

A co-worker passed this along to me and my reaction was "HOLY GAY BISHOP!" I can't believe that he was the choice. This is a very, very exciting, scary and amazing time to be an American.

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