March 31, 2009

Recipe for cutting costs or care?

I like the idea of doing something once and doing it right. This Washington Post piece about a health system doing a procedure the same for everyone, from beginning to end, seems like a great idea. Forty of the same steps for everyone -- not "recipe" medicine.

However, the article doesn't touch on the doctor's actual knowledge of what a patient needs or doesn't. Antibiotics are given as an example of taken by every patient, which is supposed to cut down on infection, if taken 30 minutes within the operation. But what if a patient is allergic to certain antibiotics, or the need for them just doesn't seem necessary? Isn't this over-medicating?

While the statistics for death are zero and readmission is low, what is missing from this report? I'm not a doctor, nor a health professional, but I'm thinking quotes from doctors who aren't in this system are valid here, but not present. What are the benefits to "recipe" medicine?

Posted by Amanda Cochran at March 31, 2009 9:44 AM
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