February 23, 2008

Reveals in a week.

1. Flipped out of a shoe. A red one with little fake gems on the toe. Laughed at the sky.

2. Growing more concerned about calcium intake. Milk gets chunky when left in a schizophrenic refrigerator for two weeks.

3. Hair has power. One blond do and the world falls at your feet. Anchoring next week. Must learn to read a teleprompter.

4. Halal food. Rice and steak and chicken and/or chicken and steak and rice. The repetition of street meat is a factor in overall well-being.

5. Lights! Camera! Tripod! My back!

6. Church on Sunday. Atheist conversation, Monday.

7. Serbs. A debate. Media missing. Shite. We have to start over.

8. No name. Dear "representative" sounds less than charming in a cover letter.

9. What kind of place has chainlink curtains? They clink and divide and mimic the overall spacey-ness of this space. Not to mention the fork abundance -- and no spoons.

10. If you can know someone, trace the lines, know the ins and outs and ups and downs. Trace, and color in the spaces. But it's white now and there's nothing more than hard gray lines and splotches there. See the shades and pick up a finer brush. There's more there, so find the finer brush--and paint outside the lines.

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A fan of Carr

NYU has a way of making us into fans of journalists. David Carr of the NY Times spoke at a welcome ceremony back in September and I've been following him since.

His quirkiness is unparalleled. And his Oscar coverage is more than a little uncoventional. But that's what makes him worth reading and watching.

If you get a chance, watch his Day 3 Sundance coverage.

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February 18, 2008

Punctuated by surprise

As I sat on the screeching 4 train the other day, I wondered, yet again, who has the job of creating the advertisements and what their lives are like. I imagined young, rushed graphic designers in their chic cubicles, agonizing over the right color, the right font, the right picture and composition for their subway promotions.

Never in a million years did I think of this guy.

And a semicolon! How unexpected!

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February 7, 2008

NYU coverage--Super Tuesday Special

This is the broadcast from last night from NYU. My "phoner" and piece are near the end and follow each other.

The piece requires Real Player to play correctly. Go here for the player.

What do you think?

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February 6, 2008

Covering Hillary

Tonight I attended Hillary Clinton's party at Manhattan Center. Yes, and she was there. And so was Bill and Chelsea.

And about everyone else--including me.

I was nominated to cover the story yesterday by one of my professors, and just on a whim, I said yes because the press credential online option was closing down and I was one of the only people in my class available to sign up.

So I did.

My job was to attend the event and do a phone interview LIVE on the NYU Tonight broadcast.

Okay, so I have had a little experience with presidential candidates, and I can write under pressure, but really? Talk under pressure? Whoa--I've only been at this broadcasting bit for a few months now...

But it was great. It was one of the best things I've done, I think. Or maybe that's just my lack of sleep talking.

My job was pretty basic, but pretty difficult with just an hour and a half to interview, grab interesting details about the place and put it into some kind of cohesive conversational form that painted pictures for my listeners.

It was a good time, though. And I did get to network again. I also realized how massive the press pool really is. Unlike my last presidential experience, I felt the rush of the foreign media broadcasting right beside me. French. Australian accents. Arabic written on mikes. I loved every minute of it. Cameras stacked almost on top of other cameras. Local media propped right up against networks. It's amazing how evenly everyone is fighting for a place and a story in such a short time period.

God, I love journalism.

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