February 26, 2009


Today was a day off from this life I'm leading in New York.

I was a tourist for a day where it is okay to stop and look around: The American Museum of Natural History.

My boyfriend Rich and I meandered through the great halls filled with dinosaurs and giant stuffed mammals, talking about our favorites and tidbits we knew about each one.

We went to the gym, and I ran until sweat trickled down my neck. I bought groceries and carried them home.

A simple day in a not so simple time.

This evening, as the hours tick by, I realize that tomorrow awaits -- another day of uncertainty and surely strangeness.

I am oddly comforted today that I am not the only one facing such a question mark future. I know bills have to be paid and things have to be done, but just stopping for one day made such a difference.

However, there are many things happening...more to come.

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February 6, 2009

Help for the Homeowners?

This is likely my last show with NOW on PBS (the temp position is ending), but it's going to be a great one. "Help for Homeowners?" is a piece about the cost of foreclosed homes and properties on neighborhoods all around the country, and what some cities are doing to combat the problem by going to who they see as the source: the banks and mortgage companies, who initially made the high risk loans to people that may have qualified for fixed rate options.

In the piece, we discuss an interesting concept called "reverse redlining", which is the opposite of discrimination of certain areas for services. Some cities' lawsuits claim that banks and mortgage companies intentionally went into predominantly African-American and low-income areas, promoting their sub-prime loans, causing the mess by taking the short-term profit and passing the buck up the chain of command.

"Help for Homeowners?" is showing all this weekend, and you can watch it online after the initial broadcast. Find your local tv listing here.


You'd be amazed at how much research and effort is put into every single line of a show. It's a fascinating process. More on this in my next entry...

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