January 10, 2010

A new year

I tried a bunch of resolutions this week. I tried writing down my expenses. I tried packing my lunches. I tried keeping my desk clean at work.

The expense list ended on day 3. The lunch packing lasted until Thursday. The desk cup had cereal crunchies at the bottom on Friday.

As it turns out, I suck at resolutions. However, I've heard that changing behavior takes at least three weeks to actually work, so I'm giving it another go this week.

A new year is an exciting prospect for me. Much has happened since the depressing winter of 2009. Employment has its perks. A particular joy is paying student loans. Last winter at right about this time, I was on the phone literally going rounds with the three loan companies from my undergraduate and graduate years. The entire experience was even worse because I was unable to pay for this elite education that was supposed to have immediately found me employment. Now, however, I can pay up. And while it sucks really badly, I am thankful that I can.

Employment came at just the right moment. I found work in the deepest throes of a recession -- that is, after I held one of the worst jobs ever. (Maybe some day I'll tell you about that.) A friend helped open doors and I was hired.

Many more things: My sister has graduated and has a new home. My parents are empty-nesters. I'm selling my car -- my last tangible Seton Hill commuter life thread. It seems I'm finally a grown-up -- or something like it.

I'm taking on new hobbies. Martial arts. Non-fiction reading. Lunch packing.

The year is passing. Time is passing. No more semesters to mark the changing clocks. Is it OK to sometimes feel a little lost without them?

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