Bootiful Halloween Flicks

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Suggestions for Halloween Scares:

Cape Fear, Frankenstein, The Mummy



Cape Fear-Gregory Peck stars in this film of suspense and intrigue. A remake was done in 1991. I loved the film, and I hope you do too. It is not the blood, guts, and gore that pervade today's horror culture. This film is more in a genre of soft mental thriller

Gregory Peck stars.


Frankenstein-I loved the book. Though I haven't seen the movie, I do find the imagery from the poster similar to the images I conjured in my head throughout the reading.




So chipper in the morning...

The Mummy

The Mummy-The modern film, starring Brendan Fraser, is very good. The desert, the sand, and oh, that's right, the big gooey mummy.

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