Girl Meets Interactive Fiction Gaming:
"that is a verb I do not recognise..."

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My name is Amanda Cochran. I am a Seton Hill University student, majoring in new media journalism. This site is a product of my mentoring independent study in Writing for the Internet (EL 236).

Without the patience or the time to concentrate on interactive fiction in my busy life, I tend to get very annoyed at the coding and its misunderstanding of my terminology, which happens to be ENGLISH. I can't tell you how many times I have received the response: "that is a verb I do not recognise." While you may be laughing at my inability to say "look" instead of "view," remember that thesauruses are our good friends, and in my case, a bosom buddy. In any case, this page indicates my very first intensive experience working with interactive fiction.

"The Act of Misdirection"

As a fifteen minute sample, "The Act of Misdirection," is the beginning of my disdain, focusing around the tricks of a magician, that I just couldn't quite get.


Another 15 min. limited sampling of the interactive fiction genre. I was experiencing Frozen; lost in a maze of hallways and offices on a college campus, I felt right at home. What a lovely reminder of what Seton Hill is like, and how I feel right now--exhausted and chained to my computer.


After trying the gaming spectaculars of "The Act of Misdirection" and "Frozen" I decided to dedicate a large chunk of my time to something more fruitful and less mind boggling. "Cheeseshop" turned out to be a nice retreat from the mazes of my previous two encounters with interactive fiction.


With an almost obsessive love of caffeinated beverages, I thought I would try to solve the puzzle of Caffeination, finding the most honored of caffeinated substances: coffee.


Updated by Amanda Cochran on 11-10-04.