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Lifetime movies-Those tear-jerkers that my mother and my aunts and my grandma and my female cousins watch. Almost every movie ends with a court decision, a smug expression on the "main-strong-capable" stock character woman's face.

And the story goes something like this: some mean guy hit a girl, and then they go to court over their child's custody. All so predictable, so biased. Sometimes I do wonder if real guys aren't abused by the portrayal of maleness in these films. They get tramped on--a lot here.

Oh, and Melissa Gilbert is in almost every one. Ugh. Couldn't she just stay on the prarie?

A Vision of Murder




Snow Dogs-I spent 3.5 hours of my young life watching this wreck of a film. I almost cry at the thought of watching Cuba Gooding Jr., an amazing actor when he wants to be, leading a team of mutts across the cold slab of Alaska. The plot is as weak as the watered down cola in your cup. DO NOT RENT, BUY, OR OTHERWISE PURCHASE ANY PART OF THIS FILM.


Cute cover cannot hide bad film.

Serving Sarah-Again a big chunk of my life taken after viewing this movie of large breasted Elizabeth Hurley and one very funny Friends star trying to make it in the movies. I just love to see "Chandler" fall flat on his face; what hurts is that poor Matthew Perry lies underneath it all.

No, I will not dispense compassion for this film. They pick their own roles.

A wife trying to escape being served divorce papers is the premise of this nasty film, but you end up watching Perry doing obscene things to a cow, which was the only funny part of the entire crap fest.

After the barn scene, they end up hopping planes all over the country, just to make the audience feel like they are getting their money's worth. Come on, we are not that stupid while watching a movie. The brain does not turn to goo when the screen lights up, even for guys when watching Hurley strut around in a cowboy hat and little else. Another strike for the Friends clan making movies.


Bad, bad, bad.