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Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)


Super Classics

-From Gone with the Wind to Jimmy Stewart's Harvey, movies that speak to all audiences.

Modern Classics

-Some modern films reach classic status today, a comprehensive list of which ones qualify in my book.

Bootiful Halloween Flicks

-Classic films to scare you into Halloween delight: Frankenstein, The Mummy...

Christmas Films

-From A Christmas Story to It's a Wonderful Life, this destination offers suggestions for yuletide viewing.

Cinema Hate List

-Films I love to hate.

The Movie Freak

-All about me: what I do besides sit on my butt and watch old movies.

Fanastic Film Sites: AMC TCM Reel Classics

A Little Bit to Back It All Up:

After starting college, I realized that I did not have time to savor those weekends of coachpotatoing; instead, I had books to read, papers to write, and innumerable thoughts flying through my mind. Something was missing, one of my favorite pastimes: watching classic movies.

I missed the popcorn, the marquees, and the lights over the latest blockbuster, lighting up the night sky. I missed the feeling of obsession after watching a film, still thinking about the characters and where their lives are after the credits roll.

Now, when I feel lonely, I come here to relive my love of film and the actors and actresses that bring life to them. I hope to share this love with you.

In those classic films, the ones forgotten on the shelves in "Movieworld Video" stores, the most touching and incredible performances that cannot compare to the lipstick-and-midriff, sugar-coated, million dollar waste-of-film "movies" of today's industry, remain, remnants of a golden era that should not be forgotten.

Keep the film legacy alive. Instead of spending seven bucks to watch another Gigli, stay home, cuddle up on your couch, and effortlessly keep the classic film legacy alive.

Feel free to e-mail me your favorites @ shuwriter@yahoo.com.