Writing for the Internet
Independent Study Fall 2004
Amanda J. Cochran

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My name is Amanda Cochran. I am currently a sophomore at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, majoring in English new media journalism. This website is to display both my research of the online educational benefits of weblogs or "blogs" and to document my experiences as a mentor for the predominately freshman class of EL 236: Writing for the Internet with Professor Dennis G. Jerz.

Research Project

In my research project, I discuss the effects of blogging in an educational capacity. Because I have worked as both student and mentor--being educated and educating about the online culture of blogging, I have studied both views, and have found that blogging, currently is the best online teaching tool. Spotlighting Seton Hill University's blogosphere, I address discussion format, flexibility of content, and interaction of blogs in comparison to other forms of online communication.

The final product of research project is a research paper, but I have also created an online, hyper-linked text, as well, demonstrating how one can make academic reading, appealling to the web reader. After all, research projects are usually boring.

Mentoring Reflections: [Student] [Instructor]

During the fall semester of 2004, I drew from my previous experiences in Writing for the Web with Dr. Jerz from the Fall 2003 semester. The class has changed, and so has my perception of what writing for an internet audience entails.

This section assesses what I have learned working with the class, as both a student learning new concepts that were implemented this year, and as an instructor, drawing from my freshman experience in Writing for the Web with Dennis G. Jerz.

Contact Amanda Cochran: shuwriter@yahoo.com.

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