Modern Classics

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Moulin Rouge, Field of Dreams, Titanic, Chicago, Bridget Jones's Diary, with more on the way...

In the Modern World of Film SOME do stand apart:

"If we keep standing like this, our lips will go numb."

Moulin Rouge-What color! What dancing! What singing...Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman star in this bittersweet romance that will leave you crying for more. I love the way it all comes together, and falls apart. Watch this with some tissues and a gal pal, and guys watch it if you want her to think you are sensitive and arty.

I have watched this film about 50 times in the past year. The timeless romance of duty vs. love in Paris, every girl's fantasy home, is captivating.

Field of Dreams-My dad always cries at this one. I think he misses his father. Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones star in this one of baseball and magic. It is where we get the cliche,"If you build he will come."

"Can I get off?"

Titanic-Big ship. Yeah. It sunk. Yeah. Big crowds. Yeah. But it is a classic, like it or not.

Chicago-Love the plot. Love the dancing, and the singing, and the time period. And the actors. What a film!

"Should I be happy they don't have knives?"

Bridget Jones's Diary-Starring Renee Zellweger, the film is about a journalist that is fast approaching "spinsterhood", when she meets Mark Darcy, an English barrister that she initially hates.

Again, I have watched this movie many times. It reminds me of Pride and Prejudice. You never really think that they are going to end up together, but, and I am going to ruin it: they do. So watch Bridget Jones's Diary soon. A sequel is being made after Zellweger fattens up a bit.

The well-respected journalist slides down the fireman's pole.

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