Blogging: The Leading Online Teaching Tool
A. Cochran Independent Study 2004 Research Project

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In my research throughout the fall semester of 2004, I have been studying online culture, specifically in the realm of weblogs. What is a weblog? There are many definitions, but maybe my simplistic version will suit your needs.

This is the introductory page of the online documentation of my research project on weblogs in the capacity of education.

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From chalk to pencils to keyboards, the communication tools employed by the educational community have been diversified as each medium has been introduced, improving the student’s educational atmosphere.  The same has occurred with the introduction of online technology in the classroom. 

Every online medium: chat room, forum, e-mail classroom conference, etc. has its strengths and weaknesses when implemented in a learning atmosphere; weblogging, originating in the mid-1990s (Wikipedia), though possessing some shortcomings, has created an optimum learning environment for students, surpassing its online precursors. 

Weblogs offer, among other features, an enhanced discussion format, the general flexibility of content and extensive interaction between students, their instructors, and the outside world.

Seton Hill University's blogosphere, functional since September 2003, specifically, is the exemplification of this learning atmosphere, nurturing both the academic and real world experience.

Supporting Research:
Discussion Format: This section of my research highlights the platform of a weblog's interaction
Flexibility of Content: This section discusses the relative freedom students possess when blogging, even with faculty and the outside world watching.
Interaction: Discussion of peer-to-peer, student-to-professor, and weblogger-to-general public interactive relationships on weblogs.

Finishing Touches:
Concluding Remarks: A restatement of my thesis, with some added remarks on weblogging in the classroom.
Works Cited: On this page, I highlight where and from whom I gathered material for the project. On every page of my research project, I link throughout my text to this page, not only to substantiate my claims, but also give credit where it is due.

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