What is a Weblog?
A. Cochran Independent Study 2004 Research Project

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Don't understand weblogs? Here are some basics:

Weblogs or web logs, or blogs, for short, are a vehicle for one to publish photos, text, media files (whatever) online. The most current content is posted at the top of the page.

Blogs vary in style and structure, but some elements of a blog are universal. While I discuss the major points of a weblog here, others have more extensive definitions, which may be helpful for more information.

The Entry:

Entries are the content of a weblog--what one reads when they come to the site.

Entries are arranged with the most current content at the top of the page.

A typical blog will have the date and/or time attached to the content.

Entries usually have a title attached to them.

The Comment:

Comments are a major part of a blog. In the comments' section, feedback from other bloggers, passersby in a Google search and/or spam can leave messages for the blogger in response to what they have posted.

Comments can spawn more comments. In a comment block, discussions can spark between visitors, inciting more opportune ideas for blogs in the future. Also, other bloggers may pick up on the discussions and also blog about what has been written.

The Software:

This is an example of the publishing format for a weblog. Relatively simple, the blog software is basically a fill-in-the-blank format.

A blogger can assign classifications to blogs through the category field.

Changing various elements of the blog, such as style and appearance, may be done in the templates of the blog.

Blogs accept both JavaScript and HTML coding in the entries and templates.

This is an example of Moveable Type software. Other blogging software is available, but on the Seton Hill blogosphere, of which I am part, this is the standard format for blogs.

The Link:

Links are references to other sites of interest.

The best way to implement a link is not to add the entire address of the site (http://blogs.setonhill.edu/AmandaCochran), but rather make the text a link to a particular place: Girl Meets World; in doing this, the reader gets a preview through the text, rather than a meaningless URL.

The Blogroll:

The blogroll is a listing of a blogger's favorite weblogs in link form on the main page of a weblog. A blogroll can vary in length, but usually this listing specifies the blogger's most frequent blog stops.

They may vary in placement, but are usually found on either the left or right side of a blog's main page.

The blogroll is altered in the templates section of a weblog using the HTML coding:
<a href="insert link here">Insert name of weblog or webpage here</a>.

All screenshots by Amanda Cochran.

Updated by Amanda Cochran 12-8-04.