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October 06, 2005

Stupid Soldiers

Anonymous, York Corpus Christi Plays -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

All men that walk by path or street,
My sufferings take heed unto.
Behold my head, my hands, my feet,
And fully feel, before you go,
If any mourning may be fit,
Or torment, equal this unto.
My father that all pain may quit,
Forgive these men who these things do.
What they do, know they not.
Therefore, father, I crave
Their sins be punished naught.
But see their souls to save.

Well, hark! He chatters like a jay.

I think he patters like a pie.

Jesus only has two speaking parts in this play and both times the stupid soldiers ake fun of him after. It's not like Jesus is even saying anything bad, he's telling the people they are going to be saved and their souls saved. They say he's "[chattering]" like he was saying mindless things, even though he's actually like forgiving the soldiers themselves for the sins they've committed.

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