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Can you say Marjorie is self cenetered ("Bernice Bobs Her Hair")

““She’s absolutely hopeless !” It was Marjorie’s voice. “Oh, I know what you’re going to say ! So many people have told you how pretty and sweet she is, and how she can cook !, What of it ? She has a bum time. Men don’t like her.”” “I’ve done my best. I’ve been polite and I’ve made men dance with her, but they just won’t stand being bored”. “…….I’ve even tried to drop her hints about clothes and things, and she’s been furious--given me the funniest looks……“. I choose these quotes because they just go to show how far Marjorie will go to have her own way about everything. If she is willing to change a human being, namely her own cousin, then I think she has serious issues because in life you can not have everything your way and there are going to be people you don’t like and cant change. You have to learn to deal with issues and people the way they are sometimes and I do not think she realizes that, maybe because of her age, I don’t know but I do know that Marjorie, I feel, needs to learn this somehow but obviously she doesn’t she just keeps pushing her luck with Bernice until the end of the story.

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That is an interesting observation, Andrea. I found it ironic that the last physical change to occur in the story was the cutting of Marjorie's locks of hair.

Angela Palumbo:

I agree that Majorie is a self-absorbed twit. What really bothers me about her is that she's really mean and not only was she mean, she was downright rude to a member of her own family. I can understand that she might not like Bernice but that doesn't mean that she has to be so intolerant. She only had to stick it out for a little while and then Bernice would leave! She definately got what was coming to her!

Angelica Guzzo:

I enjoyed reading what you had to say. Majorie was hard to take at times. I can't believe she would try to change her own cousin. I agree that you can't change someone.

Kaitlin Monier:

I agree with you. Marjorie is mean and self centered, and I am glad she had her own hair cut off in the end. Why would she make fun of her own cousin and plot her downfall? I hope Bernice does not go back to visit her cousin again because Marjorie would probably try to get revenge on her for cutting her braids off.

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