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Flannery O'Connor may be my new favorite author lol.......(O'Connor, The River Pg 33)

"His face was all bone and the red light reflected from the river" (O'Connor "The River" pg. 33).

Whenever I read this line I was like o here we go again another twisted story about murder, but as I read on I was like ok so maybe its not twisted, and maybe I actually like it.........Ok I started to get freaked out I was actually reading something for an English class and I liked it..........lol.

I enjoyed this short story very much as well as others by Flannery O'Connor. I have read some of her other short stories as well as this one and she is a very good writer. I realy like her style she uses in her writing, I am not sure what it is because, obviously I am not her and I very well cant call her and ask lol, so even though I dont know what style she uses exactly, I know theres one there in her writing and I really enjoy reading her short stories because of it.


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