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Hamilton 1-31.......

The difference between a novel and a short story is that "a novel has greater length and scope, has much more complexity, and its plot is more involved and multifaced." (Hamilton Pg. 8) We really haven't worked with novels and short stories in class, but now that I actually know the difference between a short story and novel it seems more clear to me what is expected for a novel and what is expected for a short story. I always thought writing a novel would be eaisier to write as compared to a short story, but as it turns out, I think writing a short story may turn out ot be a little less stressful to write.


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Angelica Guzzo:

I used a quote on the sma etopic. I agree it would be easier to write a short story because it involves less characters and only one conflict.

I argee with you on the point that writing a novel is stressful.

Jessie Farine:

I would say writing a short story would be easier to write than a novel, because a short story may have 20 pages at the most and novel 200 pages at a minimum, but it may be tough for some to develop an effectively short plot for a short story. In those few pages, a conflict has to start and finish in a snap, be deep enough to be worth reading, but brief enough to keep the short story short. I don't know, novels and short stories each have their own difficulties, it is just a matter of which ons you can handle better.

Marsha Banton:

I think that you a right. It would be much easier to write a short story than a noval. A short story will take less time, less stress, and rubbibg into a mind block is less likely to happen

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